Business ethics at AF Bostäder

In 2017, we worked on our first Sustainability Report and in connection with this we also drew up written guidelines on our position regarding corruption. For us, business ethics is about sound relations, clarity and transparency.

Previously, we have orally communicated the approach our staff should take in dealings with customers and suppliers. The aim of our new written guidelines is that staff members, as representatives for AF Bostäder, are to have a clear picture of what is ethically correct and that they feel a greater personal responsibility for their actions. AF Bostäder as a company is to set a good example and have transparent operations to the greatest possible extent. For that reason, it is particularly important that all members of staff understand what business ethics mean for us. 

If a member of staff should find themself in a situation, or receive an offer, where something was expected in return, the guidelines are there to fall back on as security. To prevent misunderstandings or that our staff members are subject to dubious offers, we have therefore chosen to send out information about our guidelines to all our partners.  

In the past, AF Bostäder has had no problems linked to corruption, but due to our guidelines now being clearly expressed, any business ethics issues that may arise will be easier to handle. In connection with the Sustainability Report, we also drew up new sustainability goals. One of them is directly linked to business ethics, as it states that there is to be no form of corruption. You can read more about our sustainability goals here

Latest update March 19, 2019