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Dammhagen inauguration

January 20, 2015

Today, on January 16 2015, we showed Dammhagen for employees, partners and new tenants. We had a nice weather and we could afford to eat a hotdog in the courtyard.

We started the construction of Dammhagen in August 2013, and now the eight storey building is completed. The house consists of housing for 197 students. The first tenants moved in on Tuesday 13 and the last (in this round) get their keys on Monday 20, next week. We know through experience that it is best to spread out the moving-in-dates in the beginning.

Our visitors were happy and impressed, the house is exciting - by design, position and appearance. It's called already lovingly for "Flatiron Building" and some think we’ve got delusions of grandeur when we want to create the New York architecture in central Lund. However, it is the plot which determined the shape of the house. The best comment we got was from a new tenant who said "This surpasses my high expectations."

Now is the time for us to manage the building and ensure that the tenants are satisfied in the long term. However, what we must submit to the tenants themselves is to create the special atmosphere of Dammhagen, so it must be.