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Fossil fuel-free Skåne 2020

September 28, 2017

Since 1 January 2017, AF Bostäder’s gas-driven vehicles have run solely on renewable gas, and renewable electricity is bought in for our properties. These are important steps for reducing AF Bostäder’s greenhouse gas emissions. Now, we are taking a further step.

Logotype 100%  fossil fuel-free Skåne 2020AF Bostäder has now joined “100 % Fossil-free Skåne by 2020”. This is an initiative driven by Climate Interaction Skåne to encourage local councils, organisations, companies and private individuals in Skåne to reduce their impact on the climate – and to show that in Skåne, we are willing and able to take the lead on this issue. By joining the initiative for a fossil fuel-free Skåne, AF Bostäder has undertaken to actively strive for:

  1. No fossil energy usage in our buildings. This means AF Bostäder will not use fossil energy for heating and cooling in the buildings we own or lease.
  2. No fossil fuels in our transport activities. This means AF Bostäder will not use fossil fuels in its transport activities or travel.
  3. No electricity generated by fossil fuels. This means AF Bostäder does not use electricity generated by fossil fuels in its activities, and that the company buys in some type of environmentally certified electricity.

Examples of climate work run by AF Bostäder:

  • Solar panels – at Bokompakt and to be installed on Marathon’s roof
  • Geoenergy – pilot project at Kämnärsrätten, 2016
  • Gas-powered vehicles, bicycles and electric bicycles – our staff use sustainable transport in their everyday work
  • Green and renewable electricity – if electricity is included in your rent at AF Bostäder, it is fossil-free electricity

As a tenant, if you have suggestions about how AF Bostäder can diminish climate impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we would very much like to hear your ideas!