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Lund’s ugliest building

October 17, 2017

Sparta has been voted Lund’s ugliest building in a reader’s poll conducted by the Swedish daily newspaper, Sydsvenskan. Sparta has always divided Lund into two camps: those who know something about architecture and all the others. So, we are relaxed about all the fuss, and consider the whole thing to be a matter of taste. As for us, we call Sparta: “A student paradise in Lund’s best location”.

One thing is certain: Sparta will not fall. The buildings were more or less completely cast in concrete by Skånska Cementgjuteriet and are bound to survive any number of discussions about taste. We would like to thank the residents of Lund for their never-ending fascination with Sparta. And, on the subject of taste, we will celebrate this distinction with Lund’s ugliest cake.

Those of us at AF Bostäder – who work here very day – we love Sparta! Beauty, as everyone knows, comes from within and the finest thing about Sparta is that all this concrete houses no fewer than 600 fantastic students – what could be better? And what’s not to love?

Thank you once again for all the attention.