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We are fossil free!

March 23, 2017

Since January 1, AF Bostäder only buys renewable and fossil-free electricity. The primary motive is to reduce our ecological footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global climate change.

Both businesses and individuals can make environmental option in the electricity contract with selected energy company. If no active choice is made, electricity from a mix of different energy sources will be delivered, from both fossil and renewable sources.

Renewable energy means power from for example, water, sun, wind and biofuels. Fossil energy is power from for example, coal, natural gas and oil.

Due to that AF Bostäder now buys renewable electricity, we can reduce our environmental impact, reduced carbon emissions and the company is not responsible for any creation of nuclear waste. The total cost for energy consumption for AF Bostäder and its tenants will not increase. This is an important step for AF Bostäder and essential for promoting sustainable development.