AF Bostäder’s first Sustainability Report is here!

May 2, 2018

AF Bostäder has long been involved in active environmental management. During 2016, we began to think about widening our perspective further and starting to work on sustainability issues from an overall perspective – and report on the activities in a Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report, which has been drawn up in cooperation with customers and other stakeholders, will be published annually.

As a property owner, AF Bostäder affects its surroundings in a number of different ways - so it is also important to take responsibility. AF Bostäder has no statutory requirement to publish a Sustainability Report, but has nonetheless chosen to do so, enabling the process to become the basis for changing the company.

“Sustainability management differs from environmental management in that it consists of three parts: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability,” says Björg Bergsteinsson, HR Manager of AF Bostäder. “Now we can clarify how AF Bostäder affects its surroundings in all parts of the organisation – in relation to the customers, as an employer, as a property owner and in its role as a contributor to society’s built environment.”

Due to the new Sustainability Report, AF Bostäder can work systematically and purposefully on sustainability issues. At the same time, the company wants to enable transparent communication on the company’s challenges.

“Staff, customers and other stakeholders have been involved and provided the basis for the content of the Sustainability Report and the processes behind it,” says Björg Bergsteinsson. “In total, we have listened to 120 people in different workshops and interviews, of whom 70 are Swedish and international students.”

The most important sustainability issues for stakeholders are: that housing is safe and secure, emissions of greenhouse gases, that the company’s buildings are energy-efficient, how waste is managed, the work environment for staff, gender equality, diversity and anti-discrimination, business ethics and that AF Bostäder has stable finances.

“From 2017, we will report on these aspects annually and work in the long term to improve them. It’s our aim to expand our sustainability reporting to include a number of other important aspects in the future,” says Björg Bergsteinsson.

The Sustainability Report will be published annually and is available on AF Bostäder’s website. Download and read it today!