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As proud principal sponsor, we say: Go to the carnival!

May 8, 2018

The Lund Carnival is back at last – or at least we think it is. We cannot be absolutely certain, as this year’s carnival theme is fantasy! However, we are certain that this year AF Bostäder is again the principal sponsor of Sweden’s best student carnival. Come and experience a weekend where you can free your imagination, everything is pretend and reality is a dream. It is going to be fantastic fun!

AF Family and Studentlund offer a student life that is unique in Sweden. As a part of AF Family, AF Bostäder is Lund students’ own housing company – a free and independent agent that is 100 % on the side of the students.

“It is our task to contribute to the development of Lund, strengthen Lund as a university city and makes studying accessible for as many people as possible,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “Thanks to AF family, we have a greater insight into student life than other student housing companies.”

“For us, it is self-evident to be close to university life and have strong relations with the students,” says Henrik Krantz. “We are there for the students, they are our clients and without an attractive student life, we are nothing. And, of course, a housing company in the middle of student life supports Sweden’s best student carnival.”

This year’s carnival theme is fantasy, about a free imagination and a reality that is just a dream. Lund’s student life has over the years brought out many of Sweden’s best writers, comedians and entertainers. Visitors can expect a profusion of amusements, inventiveness and surprises.

“The Lund Carnival is without doubt the most enjoyable event in Swedish student life,” says Henrik Krantz. “We can promise right now that we will continue to support the carnival in 2022. We would also like to take the opportunity to extend an imaginary thank you and a really big pretend hug to all those involved in the carnival and to the students. It’s thanks to you that Lund is Sweden’s best student city – for real!”