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Premiere! Wash with nothing but water

September 21, 2018

AF Bostäder will open two new laundry rooms at Vildanden, where the students can wash with super-clean water in a chemical-free process.

AF Bostäder is constantly seeking ways to ensure sustainable, healthy living, and to minimize environmental impact. This Friday, 28 September, we will open two newly renovated laundry rooms at Ällingavägen 14 and 16, washing requires nothing but water! It may sound strange, but it’s true. And it works!

Ordinary tap water is converted in the laundry rooms into special ultra-clean water that provides a clean (yes, the cleaning effect is tested and proven) and allergy-friendly washing process. It’s called deionized water and it makes the washing clean and soft, without using any laundry detergent or fabric conditioner. In addition, the clothes dry quicker. 

The laundry gets just as clean, we save energy and there will be zero emissions in lakes and seas!