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Don’t make it harder than it is

February 19, 2019

It is easy to recycle food waste. All you must do is put your food waste in the brown bag and leave in the waste station. Alternatively, choose to complicate things and make it harder than it is.

The campaign "Don’t make it harder than it is" giving you more tips on how you can complicate things. For example, you can teach the cat to go out with the food waste bag, collect the food waste with your feet or train the obstacle course on the way to the waste station. Or do you choose not to make it harder than it is?

The importance of sorting food waste

Food waste accounts for 16% of all waste at AF Bostäder, but we know that a lot of food waste is sorted wrong, as it instead falls into the residual waste. According to a picking analysis that AF Bostäder made in 2018, 30-40% of all residual waste was in fact food waste that was not sorted properly.

Food waste is an amazing resource that we should seize. Your leftovers can be recycled into renewable biogas or bio-fertilizer. Biogas from a bag of food waste corresponds to 2.5 dl of petrol. Compared to fossil fuels, biogas provides cleaner air with fewer harmful particles and no extra emissions of carbon dioxide.

About the campaign

AF Bostäder, together with 26 other partakers behind the campaign, "Don’t make it harder than it is". These include municipalities, waste companies and real estate companies in Region Skåne and in Västra Götaland together with Avfall Sverige.

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