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Vacuum cleaner for the corridors

April 9, 2019

During this spring corridor contact meetings, each corridor gets a completely new vacuum cleaner! This to facilitate the corridor cleaning for the residents.

AF Bostäder has almost 300 student corridors in different housing areas in Lund. Staying on a corridor is not just about having fun. You have more obligations compared to students living in their own accommodation, and the caretaker make regular inspections in the corridor. Everyone who lives in a corridor has a shared responsibility to keep the common areas tidy and clean.

Tenants in our student corridors has long wanted a vacuum cleaner from us, in order to avoid financing it themselves. We listen to our customers and during this spring each corridor gets a brand-new vacuum cleaner, as a gift from AF Bostäder!

Two packages of vacuum cleaner bags are also included. When the corridor run out of bags, they make a fault report and then get new bags from the caretaker.

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