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Over 400 students are moving in to Proto and Sagoeken

May 2, 2019

AF Bostäder’s major rebuilding project in the Kämnärsrätten student housing area is in full swing. Kämnärsrätten is being transformed from an homogeneous 1960s area into a dynamic campus environment.

AF Bostäder – and Lund – is in a record-breaking period in terms of newly-built student housing. Now, Proto and Sagoeken are finished, providing 360 apartments and rooms for up to 482 students. In parallel, the process of renting out housing for 370 students at the newly-built Marathon is underway, as are preparations for the construction of Hippocampus, which will provide accommodation for a further 258 students.

“Within an area consisting of seven quarters at Kämnärsrätten, we are planning to double the amount of student housing from 750 apartments and rooms to 1 500,” says Magnus Cederberg, Property Development Manager at AF Bostäder. “The first four quarters will be completed by 2021. First up are Proto and Sagoeken, which are now being inaugurated in the best possible way – by the students moving in.”

AF Bostäder considers it has a mission to strengthen the Lund brand as a student city and contribute to ensuring that as many people as possible can – and want to – study at Lund University. In order for the University to remain attractive, the quality of student housing must be of a high standard. This is why sustainability and a long-term approach are a central part of AF Bostäder’s city development.

“There is no future in thinking short term and cheaply, and building student housing rapidly,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “If we are to attract coming generations to Lund, it’s important that we consider student life from an overall perspective – the perspective of a built environment developer – in which we promote sustainable development in all aspects; social, environmental and economic.”

“As developers of the built environment, we will shape long-term sustainable city districts where students and Lund residents can have a good future together,” says Henrik Krantz. “When Kämnärsrätten is finished, it will be Sweden’s largest campus area, in immediate proximity to the new tramway. A large number of people will flow through the city district by bicycle and on foot on their way home, to the University and to their workplaces.”

“Proto and Sagoeken have a high eco-profile with halved energy consumption compared with previously and more eco-friendly material choices,” says Magnus Cederberg. “What the new quarters have in common is a pleasant outdoor life, as we are providing space for barbecue areas, an outdoor gym, boule court, hammock zone and much more. It will be a place where tenants, friends, visitors and Lund residents in general will be able to walk, cycle, socialise, sunbathe and take a break.”

Facts on student housing at Proto

Proprietor: AF Bostäder
Floor area: 6 850 m2
Number of apartments: 185
Number of occupants: 307
Apartment types: 1-3 rooms
Address: Kämnärsvägen 40, 42 and 44
Turnkey contractor: NCC
Architect: Fojab Arkitekter AB

Facts on student housing at Sagoeken

Proprietor: AF Bostäder
Floor area: 3 900 m2
Number of apartments: 175
Number of occupants: 175
Apartment types: 175 1-room apartments
Address: Kämnärsvägen 60 and 66
Turnkey contractor: Lindbäcks Bygg
Architect: Lindbäcks Bygg/Zoom Arkitekter AB