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Increased joy of movement with Lundaloppet 2019

May 6, 2019

It has become an annual tradition to offer a large number of students the chance to take part in Lundaloppet. An initiative that is appreciated and the 500 free start numbers ran out within 26 hours!

Physical activity can work wonders for wellbeing, concentration ability and learning ability. One way for AF Bostäder to encourage students to adopt an active lifestyle is to invite them to take part in Lundaloppet, an annual city run organized by IFK Lund. The participants choose whether they want to run/walk 5 or 10 kilometers through Lund’s city center.

500 students were invited to take part in the Lundaloppet fun run 2019 with AF Bostäder. The start numbers ran out within 26 hours and 298 students lined up on the starting line. They were all rewarded with a smart functional top from AF Bostäder.