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Smoke-free in AF Bostäder’s student housing

May 27, 2019

AF Bostäder is now offering all its customers a smoke-free living environment. From the beginning of May 2019 onwards, smoking is banned indoors – this applies both to the students’ accommodation and the shared spaces. The tenants can look forward to fresher indoor air and healthier housing.

AF Bostäder is continuing to develop its sustainability management, something that also includes health issues for staff and tenants.

“We have decided to introduce a smoke-free living environment for all our student housing areas,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “We are very aware that we are in uncharted territory in legal terms, but we feel a considerable responsibility for the students’ wellbeing. All those living with us should be able to come home to calm, secure and pleasant housing. We should also remember that student housing is not only a home, but also a workplace. Everyone – including students – should have the right to avoid being exposed to tobacco smoke, both in their home and at their workplace.”

The negative effects of tobacco smoke are well documented. Smoking – and not least passive smoking – increases the risk for most diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Passive smoking also causes conditions affecting the nose, eyes, throat and airways, especially among people with asthma, i.e. almost one in ten adults in Sweden. In addition, there are the negative environmental effects and extensive associated costs for society.

“Besides the clear health improvements, the smoking ban has a number of benefits, not least from a sustainability perspective,” says Henrik Krantz. “We expect to see reduced wear and tear at our properties and housing, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Secondly, we also hope to be able to reduce the number of cigarette butts in our courtyards and surroundings.”

“The smoking ban applies to all indoor spaces at our student housing, i.e. in the accommodation and in stairwells, corridors, laundry rooms and shared kitchens. It is permitted until further notice to smoke outdoors, but in our house rules we urge everyone who lives with us to show consideration by refraining from smoking on balconies and outside our properties,” concludes Henrik Krantz.