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We wish everyone at Proto and Sagoeken good luck!

June 10, 2019

Finally, all smart, happy, wild and wonderful students have moved in to the new student housing areas Proto and Sagoeken. We have been longing for you!

Proto and Sagoeken are two innovative student housing areas on Kämnärsvägen with room for a total of 482 students. The areas are specially designed for student life, nightlife, friends to hang out and for active, festive and lazy days.

Both Proto and Sagoeken are built with sustainability in mind, with a strong environmental profile, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly material and an idea that not only exists for students but for everyone throughout Lund - for a long time. While you make it cozt in your student housing, we make room for even more students and will continue building new and at least equally nice neighborhoods. Of course, they are also made for a bright future.

Good luck!