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  • Aerial view before renovation

  • Facades before renovation

  • New cedar facades

Gylleholm 2.0

June 27, 2019

In 2015, an extensive renovation of the four-leaf clover houses at Gylleholm started, and now - four years later - we can enjoy 48 newly renovated one-room apartments with modern kitchens and beautiful cedar facades.

Gylleholm, is one of our smallest student housing areas in the middle of central Lund. The area, which consists of 48 one-room apartments also called four-leaf clover houses, was designed by the Lund architect Hans Westman and were completed in 1966. Renovations have been ongoing throughout the years, both interior and exterior. For example. The facades have been both red and blue/green. But, in 2015, the extensive renovation began, which has been ongoing until now, with the aim of ensuring that the student housing would achieve a modern standard and function, without losing its character.

We started with the facades

In 2015 we replaced Gylleholm’s external panel with cedar panels. We chose cedar panel because of the natural properties of the wood. Cedar contains acids that make the wood very resistant to rot compared with other woods. This means that cedar needs very little maintenance and will be able to cope with everything the weather throws at it for many years to come. Over time the cedar will age to a beautiful silvery grey. While replacing the panels, we also replaced the light fittings by the door to each apartment and on the facades.

Then the interior work began

An extensive refurbishment has been made of the kitchens at Gylleholm, which previously had several functional problems, such as a small stove and fridge without freezer. In addition, there were ventilation issues and aged electricity system, which has now been modernized. Storage was improved with cupboard high up on the walls and a built-in bookshelf.

New waste station

As a bonus, the waste station (which serves Gylleholm, Parentesen and Dammhagen) has recently been replaced by modern underground containers, so called uws (underground waste system). So, in addition to enjoying their modernized student housing, the residents can also throw their sorted waste in a new, fresh and airy waste station.