The bomb Hanna says thank you and goodbye

June 28, 2019

One year passes so fast, and now it's time for the residence representative (shortened "bomb") autumn 2018/spring 2019 to complete her mission. But, before leaving the post, she had time to answer a few quick questions.

What has been the best thing about being a residence representative?

It is difficult for me to say exactly what has been the best thing about my year as a residence representative - the whole year has been filled with new experiences! But something that I thought was particularly interesting is the collaboration that AF Bostäder has with other student housing companies in Sweden. It has been very interesting having attended various conferences and learned more about how the student housing market works, how other cities work with student housing and why things are in a certain way. The work with AF Bostäder and having gained insight into both the work of the Board and management has been a rewarding experience. And the outside world analysis I have done by talking to colleagues all over the Nordic region has been awesome.

What has been most challenging for you during the year as a residence representative?

I have learned so much from being a residence representative - for example how a board works, how to handle matters for our housing committee and how to cooperate best with close colleagues such as the AF’s presidie. Often my work as a residence representative has been very varied, which of course is what is attractive about this work, but which can also lead to suddenly having many different tasks to keep track of. I am incredibly happy to have been involved and represented AF Bostäder during this year, but now it's time for me to hand over to the next bomb!