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Great chances to get a home with AF Bostäder

July 15, 2019

The new students at Lund University, so-called novisch, got their letter of acceptance last week. More than 2,400 of these have now signed up in AF Bostäder's novisch housing queue, which gives priority to about 700 student housing in Lund.

The novisch priority means that most student housing that become vacant during the summer are reserved for the new students who come from residential areas outside Skåne. Queue times are awarded to those who register in the housing queue during the novisch lottery period. The lottery is now completed.

- We have always prioritized the new students' housing needs. It is important for us to help those who lack alternatives in the already tough housing market in Lund, explains Claes Hjortronsteen, rental manager at AF Bostäder.

The approximately 700 student housing that are reserved consist of corridor rooms and one room apartments. The exact number is determined by how many student housing that are terminated during this period. This year about 2,400 new students participated in the novisch lottery, a number that is slightly higher than last year. Approximately about three out of four new students who are actively looking for a student housing at AF Bostäder during the summer, will get a home at the beginning of the semester. - The possibilities for the new students in Lund to get a student housing without waiting time are very good, says Claes Hjortronsteen.

AF Bostäder would also like to mention other players who help solve the housing situation for the new students. Student-driven BoPoolen helps hundreds of students find private accommodation in Lund. The University's LU Accomodation rents out housing to about one thousand international students. Many of the nations also prioritize new students. - Together, we contribute to making Lund an attractive place to study, says Claes Hjortronsteen.

AF Bostäder works long-term to facilitate the housing situation for future Lund students. In recent years, AF Bostäder has built 1,000 new student housing in Lund. The latest project, Marathon, is being completed right now. And the new production continues. - The ambition is to complete new housing for another 125 students every year in the future, Claes Hjortronsteen concludes.