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AF Bostäder to inaugurate the Marathon housing area – with a Lund-style marathon!

September 13, 2019

Now the students have moved into the newly built Marathon housing area . On 21 September there will be an inauguration and tour for the public, followed by a Lund-style marathon for 300 students. The “Marathon marathon”, over a course of 42 195 decimetres, will naturally finish at Athen.

AF Bostäder – and Lund – is in a record-breaking period for building new student housing. Proto and Sagoeken at Kämnärsrätten are now open, providing housing for up to 482 students. Construction work will soon start on Hippocampus, which will house a further 258 students.

And after several years of intensive work, Marathon is now ready to open – an entirely new quarter for 370 Lund students – in a great central location on the corner of Tornavägen och Tunavägen.

“When we develop housing areas, it’s our task to attract coming generations of students to Lund University and Lund’s student life,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “That’s why we look at student life from an overall perspective – the society developer’s perspective – in which our visions will promote sustainable development in all its aspects; social, environmental and economic. Marathon, like our other newly built housing areas, is an excellent example of this. There is no trace here of the type of short-sighted and cheap solutions that unfortunately are often associated with investments in student housing. Instead, we plan our quarters as long-term sustainable and attractive parts of the city, where students and Lund residents can meet and have a good future together.”

Marathon consists of several buildings ranging from 3 to 8 stories. The quarter is designed as a small city district with a conscious variation in architectural style. There are pleasant courtyards, cosy outdoor spaces and winding galleries. Although the building density of the quarter is high, it is perceived as light, green, airy and attractive. Energy consumption will be approximately 20% lower than the requirements for new buildings and all energy used is 100% renewable.

“It’s the first time since the 1970s that AF Bostäder has built new student housing in a new area in Lund,” says Henrik Krantz. “It’s therefore especially pleasing that Marathon offers something positive for all Lund residents – an inviting and living city image and the opportunity to stroll through it on their way through the city.”

“On 21 September it will be time for the inauguration and what could be more appropriate than celebrating with a truly Lund-style marathon? In cooperation with the LUGI Motion we are arranging the Marathon marathon and offering 300 Lund students a place on the starting line. The participants will run for 42 195 decimetres through Lund before reaching the acclaim at the finishing line at Athen in Lundagård. We hope that Lund residents will be out in force to cheer them on and celebrate our new student tenants”, concludes Henrik Krantz.