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Bicycle friendly workplace

September 24, 2019

We are proud to have won the award for "Bicycle Idea 2019", in the Cycling Friendly Workplace competition. A competition organized by Lund Municipality, where companies in Lund are encouraged to promote cycling in the workplace.

2019 is the first year that the municipality of Lund organizes the competition. The competition has three levels, where the company can get one to three stars, depending on how many criteria are met. The aim of the competition is to provide better conditions for cycling, both at work and when traveling to work.

We won!

In this year's competition there were two categories: "Lund's most bicycle-friendly workplace" and "Bicycle idea of the year". AF Bostäder received prize for "Bicycle Idea 2019". With the motivation: "AF Bostäder has demonstrated extraordinary creativity when they have taken a comprehensive approach to their cycling-related efforts."

During the year we have worked to make it easier for employees to choose the bicycle instead of the car during working hours. All employees have access to company bikes, and indoor parking and helmets. The goal is that all short trips (less than 5km) should be made by bicycle or other sustainable transport. In addition, during the year we have organized activities with a focus on cycling.

We are happy, but not satisfied. The work for more sustainable travel patterns continues, of course.

Diploma bicycle friendly workplace 2019