Three quick questions to the bomb John

September 30, 2019

Each year, we have the privilege of welcoming a new residence representative - shortened "bomb" (a student elected representative) to AF Bostäder. John Gren Vingstedt is the residence representative during autumn 2019 - spring 2020.

1. Hi John! What will be most interesting during your year as a bomb?

The post as residence representative means that I will gain insight into the activities of the student nations, the unions, the university and municipality, especially when it comes to student housing. The most fun is to be a member of both the board and management team of AF Bostäder. It is a fantastic organization in many ways, and to gain new experiences is both interesting and exciting.

2. The housing situation in Lund can be difficult for students, what are your thoughts about this?

Even though the housing situation is difficult, it is still possible to find a temporary home within a reasonable time. AF Bostäder has relatively short waiting times, and a tip is to immediately sign up in the housing queue once you have been accepted. We at AF Bostäder try to do everything we can to ensure that as many students as possible can find the stability in their own home. I.e. the novisch lottery that helps students who move here from outside commuting distance and our continued work on building more and better student housing. In addition to AF Bostäder, Lund also has its fantastic advantage in having both student nations and unions working in various ways to support the housing situation.

3. Do you have any advice to give to students living at AF Bostäder?

Get home insurance! It is super important for your own protection if something should happen, e.g. an accident abroad, a bicycle accident or if you get robbed. Get it now!!

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