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Don’t leave fat up to fate

February 24, 2020

Now we give the residents at Delphi good opportunities to become environmental heroes! They will each get a fat-funnels so that they can easily sort used cooking fat/oil in the three new containers for grease available at Delphi.

Fat does not belong in the drains, it solidifies and causes stoppages in the pipes, bad odor and attracts rats. Now we hope that residents of Delphi will use the fat-funnel to collect their leftover cooking fat and leave it for recycling. Then it can be reused to produce biofuels or new products. So, don’t leave fat up to fate!

Residents at Delphi gets a fat-funnel for free

If you live in an apartment at Delphi, you will get one fat-funnel each. If you live in a student corridor, the corridor contact will get a fat-funnel for the entire corridor.

Please, paste the attached sticker label on the kitchen wall as a daily reminder not to flush the cooking fat down the drain.

How to use the fat-funnel

  1. Attach the fat-funnel to an empty PET bottle. Place the cap of the bottle in the inside of the funnel lid.
  2. Pour used and room-temperatured cooking fat into the bottle.
  3. When the bottle is full, put the PET bottle cap back on and bring it to the waste station. Leave the whole bottle in containers for grease.
  4. Reuse the fat-funnel and put it on a new empty PET bottle and continue sorting your cooking fat.

This is a test

The pilot project is ongoing during 2020 and will then be evaluated before deciding on a possible extension. Feel free to give us feedback!

Do you also want to join?

If you don’t live at Delphi but still want to start collecting your cooking fat. Awesome! Order a fat-funnel for free here and sort the collected cooking fat as residual waste.

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