Corridor challenge – The prettiest Easter eggs

April 7, 2020

During Easter, we eat lots of eggs. Many are decorated. How do you decorate the eggs in your corridor? Submit pictures of your decorated eggs and compete for gift a gift card at ICA that can be used for your next corridor sitting.

Here are the prerequisites:

  • Each contribution must contain at least one decorated egg. Feel free to add anything else that belongs to Easter.
  • The competition starts now and ends on 13 April and then all entries must have been submitted.
  • Contributions must be documented with a close up of the contest entry.
  • Photo and information about competing corridor is sent to
  • The winners are chosen by AF Bostäder.
  • Submitted entries will be published on AF Bostäder's different channels.

Of course we have prices. Winning corridor receives a gift card at ICA worth 2000 SEK. The second and third prize recipients each receive gift cards at ICA worth 1000 SEK. The winners will be announced April 15.

Good luck!