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Record high response rate on this year's customer survey

May 8, 2020

Every year, AF Bostäder and the student housing sector carry out a customer survey “Nöjd studbo” in which customers can express their views on their accommodation and landlords. This year, the engagement was extraordinarily high among AF Bostäder's tenants. The 78% response rate is the highest ever measured. Thanks to the students who completed the survey and thus help us become a better landlord.

Customer satisfaction (SKI) is 80 (out of 100) in this year's customer survey. A high result which means that AF Bostäder again has Sweden's most satisfied customers, compared to other large student housing companies!

NPS (Net Promoter Score) - ie. the proportion of customers who can think of recommending us as a landlord to others - is 71. The ambassadors are particularly satisfied with our information, how we handle complaints and they feel that AF Bostäder has a good reputation among students.

Despite the high result, we will not settle down. Instead, we continue our work so that you will continue to be satisfied with your student accommodation and us as a landlord.

Question areas with the highest result

  • Customer care, ie. how staff respond to and handle customer matters. “You have always been helpful and nice to me. I'm really satisfied. "
  • Safety, ie. the perceived feeling of safety in the student housing and student housing area. "Nice and feels safe to see your staff in the area every day."

Question areas with the lowest result

The wish that "Systembolaget could be closer" is reasonable, but unfortunately not something we can do so much about. However, we promise to work extra hard with the following question areas, which got the lowest results in the survey.

  • Complaint handling, ie. how we handle your complaints. "Most customer complaints go fast and very well, only the kitchen fan which is useless, and nothing has been done there."
  • Housing standard, ie. the condition of the bathroom, kitchen, surface layer and indoor climate. “I freeze like an animal 10 months a year. Otherwise it's nice.”

Keep on suggesting things we can improve on. All great tips mean that we can continue to ensure that we have Sweden’s best student housing.