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The Corridor Challenge - A Lund Summer Cake

May 18, 2020

Many are longing for sun and heat and everything that belongs to summer. Like a delicious summer cake. But what does a summer cake look like? We believe that our corridors know. Bake a tasty summer cake and participate in our corridor challenge!

Here are the prerequisites:

  • Theme: a Lund summer cake
  • Contributions must be submitted by May 25 at the latest to
  • Submissions shall consist of
    • The name of the cake.
    • A description of the cake.
    • Picture of the whole cake.
    • Picture of a cake piece showing the content of the cake.
    • A picture from the fika where you are enjoying the cake.
  • The Winning contributions are selected by AF Bostäder.
  • Submissions will be published on AF Bostäder's channels.

As usual, we have good prizes. The winning corridor receives gift checks from ICA worth 2,000 SEK. The second and third prize recipients each receive gift checks from ICA worth 1,000 SEK. The winners will be announced and published on May 27.

Good luck!