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AF Bostäder launches the concept Help

September 10, 2020

Mental health problems are increasing among students and it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. With the information project “Help” we hope that more students will seek and get help.

Mental health problems are a growing societal challenge and can affect anyone. One can feel bad in many ways. It can be hereditary but may also be due to factors such as stress, financial worries or grief. Knowledge about mental health problems are often limited and few students know who they can turn to for help.

In the beginning of 2020, AF Bostäder started the information project Help to highlight the problem, increase knowledge and contribute in a way that enables more students to get help. The project resulted in an information page on the website, signs in student dorms/laundry rooms and a small brochure that the caretaker and Service Centre can distribute to those who feel bad or know someone who feels bad.

If you or someone in your surroundings feel bad – do not wait. Ask for help as soon as you can.