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Three quick questions to the Bomb Maria

September 15, 2020

Each year, we have the privilege of welcoming a new residence representative - shortened "Bomb" (a student elected representative) to AF Bostäder. Maria Sander is the residence representative during autumn 2020 - spring 2021.

1. Hi Maria! What will be most interesting during your year as a bomb?

The most fun will probably be to get such good insight into both student life and AF Bostäder. As a bomb, I sit on the board and participate in the management meetings at AF Bostäder and get to participate in or run my own smaller projects. It is an opportunity that is rare for students to get. In addition, I am a member of the Akademiska föreningen's presidium, which takes care of AF's daily activities. It feels fun and exciting to spend my next year with this!

2. The housing situation in Lund can be difficult for students, what are your thoughts about this?

Looking for a student housing is obviously stressful for many, but it works out in the end! AF Bostäder has many different student housing that is reserved for new students (novisch), and those who do not succeed in getting a home via the novisch lottery, usually get something within a few months. In addition to AF Bostäder, there are many nations that offer student housing and have novisch lotteries in connection with the start of the semester. In addition, many students go on exchange studies and then sublet their homes. That is a good opportunity to try out different student housing before you get a first-hand contract. I have been in Lund for five years and never heard of anyone having to interrupt their studies because they could not find housing. So, try not to stress yourself out, it always works out!

3. Do you have any advice to give to students living at AF Bostäder?

Staying at AF Bostäder is an excellent opportunity to get to know students outside your education - whether you live in a student dorm or an apartment. AF Bostäder's housing areas have several common areas where you can hang out with both friends and meet your neighbors.

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