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How to handle unauthorized visitors

October 5, 2020

On a couple of occasions, unauthorized persons have pretended to be craftsmen, fire inspectors, etc. to be able to enter our properties and homes. For you to feel safe in your home, we have strict rules for visits to the property. Therefore, we would like to explain what applies and how you can act if something feels insecure.

- If in doubt, you always have the right to refuse a person entry to your home or your property.

- Our employees, authorized contractors and craftsmen have their own key tag. Never help a person without such a tag to enter the property or your home.

- Our employees and partners are obliged to identify themselves. You always have the right to see an identification. If you see an ID but it still feels insecure, you can always contact your caretaker and ask for advice before you let someone in. Outside normal working hours, you can contact Securitas. If an unauthorized person insists on being let in, contact the Police on telephone 114 14. If you experience that the situation is urgent, call 112.

- All planned visits concerning our properties take place on weekdays during day time, unless it has been announced in advance.

- For planned repair work, inspections, etc., you always get information in advance about what is going to be done and when your home needs to be available. Do not let unannounced visitors into your home.

- Only emergency measures, such as water leaks, are carried out unannounced or in the evenings and on weekends.

- Your caretaker is often in the housing area and is close at hand. Hopefully, you recognize the caretaker, otherwise you will find both photos and contact information on Your pages on our website.

- If you have been involved in an unauthorized attempt to gain access to your property or home, please tell your caretaker!