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2020 gingerbread house

December 21, 2020

This year's gingerbread challenge is over, and the winner is a cozy mountain cottage, created by residents at Vegalyckan!

There has been a lot of baking in the student housing in recent weeks, all to win the prestigious competition - this year's gingerbread house! Thank you to all of you who have submitted gingerbread buildings for the competition! Congratulations to the winners!

🥇FIRST PRICE - A cozy mountain cabin with road sign for scooters, cross-country skis etc. which really makes one long for the winter vacation! Created by residents at Vegalyckan. See picture above. 

🥈 SECOND PRICE - Gingerbread construction with current topic from a Lund perspective inspired by the new tram Sphinx. Created by corridor on Kämnärsvägen 71 G. See picture below.

🥉THIRD PRIZE - The beautiful building "A lovely Santa village" is created by residents at Proto. See picture below.

Second prize gingerbread challange

Third priz gingerbread challange