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New housing list and rental conditions from 1 February 2021

February 1, 2021

The new regulations contain few changes, but the structure has been simplified. You will find info about the most important changes below.

The study and membership requirements still apply

As before, you have the right to a queue time and housing as long as the housing list and rental conditions are met. All studies that are registered with credits in Ladok at Lund University are accepted. One change is that studies abroad that give credits in Ladok at Lund University are now also accepted.

Exceptions may be allowed

Sometimes there is a need to take a short break from the studies. As before, we can therefore grant an exemption from the study and membership requirement during one semester. If there is a need for further exceptions, this is examined by the Housing Board (Bostadsnämnden). The trial is restrictive, and exceptions are normally only approved for e.g. military srevice, parental leave or more serious illness.

Exemptions granted before 31 December 2020 do not affect the possibility of being granted an exemption under the new regulations.

Sub-letting can be OK - if you ask first

Subletting your home can be allowed on one occasion that last for at least four months. Do not rent out your home without our consent or at a rent that is too high, as this leads to termination without the possibility of regaining either the student housing or queue time.

More info

On the website “Staying with us”, you will find the complete housing list and rental conditions and read more in detail about the content of the updated regulations.