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WInter art

Winner of the winter art competition 2021

March 2, 2021

Thank you for all the icy and cool contributions to the photo competition! Here are the three winning photos with description. Congratulations!

First prize: At sunrise between Sagoeken and Proto

The idea with the picture was to take the opportunity when Lund one morning offered -14 ° and sun. However, we became too eager with the photography and happened to lock ourselves out, many thanks to our landlord Patrik at Proto who could quickly help us in again.

Second prize: Chinese ink painting

The soft texture and the purity of the colour of the snow makes me think about the Xuan paper, a special paper made for traditional Chinese ink painting. This genre of art form only use black ink to paint the objects on white paper by controlling the thickness and the shade of the lines to obtain an effect that is similar to the impressionism. Sometimes the traditional Chinese calligraphy will be in the artworks. My artwork is an altered version of Chinese ink painting of bamboo using snow as the paper with its Chinese character "竹" written on the bottom right corner.

Third prize: Ice bubble

SVT News told me about soap bubbles in minus degrees. Detergent, water and a paper straw are all that is needed to create MAGICAL patterns. And yes, I got half my corridor to go out in the morning slippers on a frozen balcony to create this fleeting art together!