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Art painted on Easter eggs

The winners of the Easter egg corridor challenge 2021

April 8, 2021

First prize goes to corridor Delphi 55 K, who in an impressive way have captured both classical and modern art on small eggs.

We would like to thank all the 13 student dorms that participated in the corridor challange (some of which will be presented further in our social channels), and congratulate the three winners:

🥇 FIRST PRIZE - ”Classic and modern art, in an egg box”. Delphi, Magistratsvägen 55 K 1201-1212. See picture above.

🥈 SECOND PRIZE - ”Eggcation post Corona”. Ulrikedal, Ulrikedalsvägen 30 A 1101-1113. See picture below.

🥉 THIRD PRIZE – ”An escape from reality to Shrek's world”. Delphi, Magistratsvägen 55 B 1011-1024. The corridor's own description:
”In a land, far far away, there was a corridor. This corridor was usually a very happy corridor, but one day an unknown lethal pandemic struck the entire kingdom. Forced to live a life without social interaction in quarantine, the corridor decided to get an occupation and that was to go all in for the AF egg – painting competition. Their contribution was an inspiration of their greatest comfort during quarantine – Shrek. They won the competition and lived happily ever after….. or did they..???”
See picture below.

Painted Easter eggs in a paper airplane

Easter eggs painted like Shrek