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Six students play board games in a corridor kitchen.

Students continue to be satisfied with their housing

June 14, 2021

Every year, AF Bostäder and the student housing sector carry out the customer satisfaction survey “Nöjd Studbo”, in which the students get the chance to state opinions about their housing and landlord. With 77 SKI points, we did not reach the record scores of recent years but are pleased with the continuing good results.

Our vision is to be Sweden’s best student housing company and the annual SKI survey forms the basis for initiatives regarding housing quality. We therefore encourage the tenants to participate in the survey – and to put forward suggestions for improvements.

The survey responses are analysed according to each housing area and unit with an aim to identify more aspects to improve. All answers and comments are carefully reviewed and followed up internally, so that the entire organisation is well-informed about the students’ wishes.


  • 88% of the students are satisfied with AF Bostäder as a landlord and think that we live up to expectations.
  • 82% are satisfied with their student housing, particularly regarding security. There is some criticism regarding the indoor climate, i.e. temperature and ventilation. Tips for a better indoor climate can be found on the website.
  • 89% are satisfied with their housing area. There are requests for further improvements, and we welcome suggestions.
  • 84% are satisfied with communal spaces such as laundry room, corridor, stairwell and waste stations. The lowest score in this category concerned shared cleaning arrangements for their own corridors. There is a continuous dialogue about this between tenants and caretakers regarding equipment, routines, cleaning tips etc.
  • 89% are satisfied with AF Bostäder’s service and communication but think that we can be better at dealing with complaints.
  • The reasonableness of the rent is given a lower rating than before. This means that we have to work even harder to explain the rent setting and everything that is included in the rent.
  • The year’s survey was answered by 63% of the tenants who were asked to take part.

For more information on the SKI survey, contact Anna Malmström, Property Manager.