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Profile picture of Maria Sander, the bomb

The bomb Maria says thanks and goodbye

July 1, 2021

One year passes so fast, and now it’s time for the residence representative (shortened ”bomb”) autumn 2020/spring 2021 to complete her mission. But, before leaving the post, Maria had time to answer a few quick questions.

Hi Maria! What has been the best thing about being a residence representative?

The most fun has been that I have learned so much about AF Bostäder and how the foundation works. I have enjoyed working here and have gotten to know many wonderful people in student life.

What has been most challenging for you during the year as a residence representative?

The most challenging part of the year has, of course, been the pandemic. I have had cases with students who felt bad because of the isolation or similar reasons and it is sad to see. Of course, sitting at home in digital meetings instead of hanging out with your colleagues in the lunch room has also been boring.

Thank you for all your efforts during the year, Maria!