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Profile picture with August in a glass room with white shelves in the background

Three quick questions to the new Bomb August

July 9, 2021

Every year, we have the privilege of welcoming a residence representative - shortened "Bomb" (a student elected representative) to AF Bostäder. August Lindberg is the Bomb in autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

1. Hi August! What do you think will be the most fun during your year as a Bomb?

I am most looking forward to gaining an insight into AF Bostäder's work and the rest of student life. The Bomb is involved in several parts of AF Bostäder's operations, from the board to sustainability projects. It will be very exciting to work so widely at AF Bostäder, who is a major player in student life. As a Bomb, I am active in the Academic Association as one of its presidiums and I look forward to gaining an in-depth insight into student life. Overall, I am very happy to spend the coming year as a Bomb!

2. The housing situation in Lund can be difficult for students, what are your thoughts about this?

It can be very stressful to find a home in Lund, especially for new students. AF Bostäder tries to make it easier with the novisch lottery and simple processes for the tenants who go on an exchange and want to sublet, as well as to continue building new student housing. It is important to emphasize that there are many actors in Lund who rent out student housing, for example, the student nations and that this is a situation that all housing companies are keen to solve. In the end, it is usually possible to get accommodation in Lund within a couple of months, even if it temporarily means sleeping on someone's sofa or being a resident of Eslöv. So, my tip for new students is not to be too stressed!

3. Do you have any tips to give to the students who live at AF Bostäder?

The students who live at AF Bostäder have access to more than just their corridor room or apartment. For example bo.nus, which offers discounts on, among other things, gym cards and cinema visits for all tenants. There are also very nice outdoor environments in the housing areas with barbecues, ping pong tables, and boules courts that are perfect for hanging out with friends or getting to know their neighbors. Take advantage of it!