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Male and female student sitting at a table and studying.

The rental of student housing for this autumn's new students has started

July 20, 2021

The new students in Lund, so-called “novisch”, received their letter of acceptance on Friday. Just over 2 400 of these have now joined AF Bostäder's novisch housing queue which gives priority to about 750 student housing.

The novisch priority means that most student housing that becomes vacant during the summer is reserved for new students who come from places outside Skåne. For everyone who wants a home to have the same chance, queue times are drawn. This lottery has now been completed.

This year, 2 434 novisch students have chosen to register in the housing queue and participate in the lottery. This is what the search pressure usually looks like. Our ambition is to offer about 750 student housing to the new students. The exact number depends on how many homes are terminated.

"The chance of getting student housing for the start of the semester is high because far from everyone chooses to use their queue time directly," says Claes Hjortronsteen, Rental Manager at AF Bostäder.

AF Bostäder also wants to highlight other actors who contribute to solving the housing situation for the new students in Lund. Student-run BoPoolen helps hundreds of students to find private housing in Lund. The university's LU Accommodation rents out housing to about a thousand international students. Many of the student nations also prioritize novisch students.

"Together, we contribute to making Lund an attractive place to study," says Claes Hjortronsteen.

AF Bostäder also works long-term to facilitate the housing situation for future students in Lund. Just in time for the autumn term to start, 137 new student housing units will be completed at Kämnärsrätten in northern Lund. At the same time, just over 600 new student housing units are being built in the same area, with occupancy until 2024.

"Our long-term ambition is to complete new housing for an additional 125 students each year," concludes Claes Hjortronsteen.