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Stop for big parties at AF Bostäder

September 7, 2021

Respect your neighbors, do not arrange any big parties at AF Bostäder's housing areas.

Lately, many major parties have been arranged in AF Bostäder's housing areas. We understand that the longing for social events can be great. But the public spaces in our areas (corridor kitchens, courtyards, and green areas) are not adapted for larger events. Gathering many people in these places can be a disaster in case of fire or accident. A fire can develop unnoticed and very quickly.

The parties have also caused many disturbances, littering, and large and costly damage. We ask our residents to respect their neighbors' home environment, the shared living environment, and the work that the caretaker puts into taking care of the housing area.

According to the contract, tenants are responsible for both their own actions and for their guests. Violation of the rules can result in losing the contract - even if damage or disruption was caused by the guests.

If you experience disturbances or want help to prevent a party in your housing area, contact your caretaker. If the disturbance occurs outside regular opening hours, contact our Securitas on +46 (0) 46 30 74 26.

This information has been sent out to all our tenants.

Take care and contact your caretaker if you have any questions!