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We present Hippocampus - and the best possible inauguration: The students move in!

September 13, 2021

At Kämnärsrätten, AF Bostäder is building a new, green, and long-term sustainable district for student housing. Bit by bit, Kämnärsrätten is transformed into Sweden's most cozy campus area, and now the third block of seven - Hippocampus - is ready with room for 253 students. Cake and bubble in all its glory, but the best possible inauguration is to see the students move in.

AF Bostäder - and Lund - are in an expansive phase in terms of newly built student housing. In 2019, AF Bostäder completed Marathon on the corner of Tornavägen and Tunavägen as well as Proto and Sagoeken at Kämnärsvägen, three areas with space for a total of 852 students. Now Hippocampus is also ready and in parallel, the investments in the Kämnärsrätten continue with the remaining blocks.

- As our visions for Kämnärsrätten come to life, we are increasingly strengthened in our belief in how the student housing shortage should be viewed, says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. Our task is to attract future generations of students to Lund University and Lund's student life. Therefore, we base our investments on a community builder perspective where we promote sustainable development both for student life and for the whole of Lund. Our visions do not include short-term and cheap solutions, instead, we plan long-term sustainable neighborhoods as part of attractive districts, where students and Lund residents can have a good future together.

Hippocampus is a varied and pleasant neighborhood with room for 253 students. Four house bodies in varying shapes and heights frame the lush courtyard. The apartments with 1–4 rooms are designed for the best possible student life and are equipped with, among other things, induction stoves. The largest homes have their own dishwasher. The tallest house offers one of Lund's highest vantage points - perfect for visionaries.

- Long-term sustainability is a foundation in everything we do, and Hippocampus is no exception, says Henrik Krantz. The area follows the requirements of Miljöbyggnad Silver with, among other things, healthy material choices, green surfaces, and low energy consumption. The entire block is planned for life by bike and along the new blocks runs a green area with an outdoor gym, a boules court, barbecue areas, and much more.

- Hippocampus is named after an area in the limbic system of the brain - important for both memory and local sense, and useful for anyone who wants to learn new things, explore new ground or just find their way home. Now we enjoy seeing all the students move in. Greeting everyone is the best we know. It will be a memory for life, says Henrik Krantz.

Facts Hippocampus student housing

  • Follows the requirements of Miljöbyggnad Silver
  • Number of apartments: 137
  • Number of accommodations: 253
  • Apartment types: 1-4 rooms and kitchen of 25-80 square meters
  • Average rent around SEK 3,500 per person