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Ash nudges towards good cigarette butt disposal at Delphi!

October 29, 2021

Most of us know that stubbing out cigarette butts on the ground or in nature is inappropriate, and yet they have a tendency to end up there. Now, AF Bostäder wants to inspire more people to deal with their cigarette butts in a good way, with benefits for wellbeing and the environment.

During 2021, the students at Delphi have got to know Ash – a new “staff member” at AF Bostäder and frontperson for an exciting nudging project that is being carried out on a trial basis.

Nudging concerns offering people simple paths to making good choices – achieving behavioral changes with small pushes in the right direction. For example, making it easier to throw away your cigarette butt at a suitable place, and then sort it in the right waste category.

In a specific test area at Delphi, Ash was given responsibility for all cigarette butts and was visible through signs, email circulars, specially designed ashtrays, and in Ash’s own newly established “buttzones”. Thanks to Ash, it has become easier and more fun to deal with your cigarette butts in a good way.

Ash is now being evaluated and may possibly take on an expanded area of responsibility in the future.