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New rent 2022

November 12, 2021

After negotiations with the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen), we adjust the rents for 6 000 student housing units by approximately 1.9 % from next year.

This year's negotiations with the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen) have now resulted in an increase of approximately 1.9 % from 1 January 2022. This year's increase is in line with recent years' rent adjustments and enables continued major investments in maintenance of the student housing.

- With a steady rental development of around two percent, we get the opportunity to address the many needs of the older property portfolio, says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder.

The maintenance projects are many, long, and often large. An example is the new plumbing systems at Delphi in northern Lund. Another example is the window replacement at Sparta.

Most striking, however, is AF Bostäder's new production. In 2022, no less than three new construction projects are underway at Kämnärsrätten in northern Lund. A total of about 650 student housing will be built with occupancy from 2023.

- Of course, it feels good to be able to reduce the shortage of student housing and at the same time strengthen Lund as a place of study, says Henrik Krantz.

The agreement with the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen) also means that the rent increase of 2% that AF Bostäder announced after last year's stranded negotiation is determined.

Examples of monthly rents before and after rent increases