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2021 gingerbread house

December 20, 2021

This year's gingerbread challenge is over, and the winner is Lund Cathedral!

The students in the corridors have baked a lot in the last week, all to win the competition - this year's gingerbread house! Thank you for all the contributions and congratulations to the winners!

🥇FIRST PRICE - Corridor on Magistratsvägen 55 L 1001-1014 who has built Lund Cathedral (see picture above) and sent a cozy Christmas greeting video (see below)! 

🥈 SECOND PRICE - Corridor on Ulrikedalsvägen 12 A 1201-1208 who has built the student housing area Ulrikedal with incredible details such as the Green Room, recycling stations, and a volleyball court made of breadcrumbs! See the picture below.

🥉THIRD PRIZE - Corridor on Magistratsvägen 55 D 1207-1212 who has built three nice gingerbread houses stacked on top of each other. See picture below.

Second prize gingerbread challange

Third priz gingerbread challange