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Four students sitting and talking in the Gylleholm courtyard

Plenty of housing for the spring admission in Lund

January 31, 2022

About 460 new students, so-called novisch student, signed up in AF Bostäder's housing queue for the spring semester 2022. 280 of these were actively looking for student housing. Everyone got a housing and is now moving in.

At the beginning of each semester, new students come to Lund from all of the world. Those who live outside Skåne, so-called novisch students, gets priority for student housing with occupancy already at the start of the semester. Usually, between 450 - 500 new students get this priority. After last spring's lower demand, the search pressure is now back at the same level as before the pandemic. This means that 460 new students have been given priority in AF Bostäder's housing queue. The priority can be used for housing reserved for the new students. How many housing there will be, depends on how many are terminated by previous tenants. By the beginning of the spring semester 2022, 285 student housing became available.

280 of the 460 students chose to use their novisch priority. The rest solves their housing needs in another way. As the supply was greater than the demand, everyone who needed student housing could be offered a contract at the beginning of the semester.

”We usually cover the need for student housing for the beginning of the spring semester”, says Claes Hjortronsteen, Rental Manager at AF Bostäder. ”A large housing queue is seldom or never a measure of the actual housing need, he further says. For the autumn semester, the search pressure is significantly greater. But then significantly more housing can also be offered.”

AF Bostäder also wants to highlight other actors who contribute to solving the housing situation for the new students in Lund. Student-run BoPoolen helps hundreds of students to find private housing in Lund. The university's LU Accommodation rents out housing to about a thousand international students. Many of the student nations also prioritize novisch students.

"Together, we contribute to making Lund an attractive place to study," says Claes Hjortronsteen.

AF Bostäder also works long-term to facilitate the housing situation for future students in Lund. We are now building just over 600 homes for about 850 students, with occupancy during 2023–2025. Together with the mentioned actors' own plans, Claes Hjortronsteen believes that the actual need for student housing in Lund can be met reasonably well.