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Competition: The hunt for the golden Easter egg!

April 12, 2022

THE COMPETITION IS FINISHED! The Easter bunny has hidden golden Easter eggs in our student housing areas and everyone who lives at AF Bostäder can participate in the Easter egg hunt!

The Easter egg hunt begins in AF Bostäder's student housing areas on 12 April at 14:00. In each housing area at least one golden easter egg has been hidden away, and inside the egg, you will find candy! The egg hunt ends on 13 April at 16:00.

The eggs will be hidden somewhere outdoors, and you will not need to enter any buildings or go through any doors to find them. No egg will be higher up than 1,7 m above the ground - So don't climb anything! 

The first six people who return a golden egg to the Service Centre (Tunavägen 39 C, Sparta) by 14 April will get a gift card from Grönt och Gott worth 425 SEK. The rest who returns a golden egg will get a gift card from ICA worth 150 SEK!

Good luck in the egg hunt, and Happy Easter!