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The 2021 sustainability report has arrived

The 2021 sustainability report has arrived

May 2, 2022

Do you want to know more about AF Bostäder's sustainability work? Read our latest sustainability report in Swedish or soon on #bigplans!

The year 2021 was marked by the pandemic and the business was adapted to protect both customers and employees. The sustainability work has continued with initiatives such as a campaign to reduce cigarette butts in nature, increased cooking fat collection, a new strategy for social sustainability and a mapping of indirect greenhouse gas emissions. Investments in health have continued both through the Help project and by inviting both customers and employees to activities that promote health.

Important events during the year:

More student housing in Lund

Hippocampus is ready and 253 students have moved in. Construction has begun on Pireus which will provide space for 300 students.

Strengthened focus on indirect emissions (scope 3).

A new mapping of indirect emissions will form the basis for future efforts to reduce emissions.

Corona safe business

During the pandemic, the business has been adapted to protect customers and employees and reduce the spread of infection.

Third win in "Bicycle-friendly workplace"

The efforts to promote cycling continue. AF Bostäder has once again been named Lund's most bicycle-friendly workplace.

Fewer cigarette butts with successful nudging campaign

At Delphi, a nudging campaign is being tested to reduce the number of cigarette butts on the ground, and the results are good.

Clear goals for social sustainability with a new strategy

With a new strategy, the work with social sustainability will involve all employees and become more goal oriented.

Read the entire sustainability report (in Swedish)

Most articles are translated into English. You will find them soon on #bigplans. Go to #bigplans.