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Three questions for Martin Jacobsson – our new Property Development Manager!

September 6, 2022

From August 2022, Martin Jacobsson is the new Property Development Manager at AF Bostäder. Martin has 20 years of experience with us in sustainable management, construction project management and property development, and is more than ready to lead our continued work on pleasant, sustainable housing areas for Lund’s students. Below, Martin answers some quick questions!

Hello, what do you look forward to most in your new job?

After many years in different roles at the company, it will be exciting to use my accumulated experience to manage the big picture. I am also looking forward to having greater responsibility for helping my colleagues develop in their work roles.

What challenges do we face in the construction of new student housing?

Here, I would like to highlight sustainability matters. We are in an intensive development phase with major new construction, while we are also setting demands on ourselves that our housing is to be sustainable in the long term. We have a good model in which we constantly accumulate knowledge and continue to challenge ourselves. Each new housing area is to be more sustainable than the one before, with an environmental impact that is as low as possible. Looking forward, cooperation and partnership will become increasingly important in order to jointly achieve major effects, not least in a complex sector like ours.

What do you think typical student housing will be like in the future?

I think that in general it will be similar to the housing we are building now, with a big focus on aspects like comfort, privacy, wellbeing, green spaces, biodiversity, spaces for socialising and having basic services included in the rent. We continue, of course, to keep an eye on our customers’ wishes, and the trends in society that may influence how students want and need to live. Our strength is our receptivity to the students’ needs, and we will continue to develop modern housing that is popular with our customers, that contributes to Lund’s attractiveness as a university city and where it is easy to thrive and feel well!

If you would like to know more about the development of our properties and housing areas, please contact Martin at