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Keep warm this autumn!

October 11, 2022

We start heating your building during the autumn when the colder weather arrives. During the day, the target is 20 degrees in your housing, an ideal temperature both for you and the property. A lower temperature is too cold (a fault that you should report). A higher temperature means that we are wasting energy.

How it works!

  • The heating system monitors the outdoor temperature and adjusts accordingly.
  • It may take a few days before the temperature is perfect, especially at the start of the autumn when the outdoor temperature fluctuates a lot. Be patient!
  • The heating at AF Bostäder comes from renewable sources. It’s totally green!

Things to remember!

  • If your radiators are turned off (the radiator knob is at zero), twist the knob to the maximum position again.
  • Do not place any furniture in front of your radiators – it makes the living space feel a lot colder.
  • If you think that it’s too cold, try twisting the radiator knob backwards and forwards a few times, in case the thermostat became stuck during the summer.
  • Never block the vents that let in air – fresh air is important for health.
  • If you feel cold (and prefer a temperature over 20 degrees), slippers/indoor shoes and a sweater can make a difference.

Reporting faults

  • If you have tried all the actions above and still feel that it’s too cold, please make a fault report via Your Pages.
  • Please note! Before you report a fault, use a standard thermometer to double-check the temperature in your housing. Remember to measure the temperature in the middle of your living space, approximately one metre above the floor.

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