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New rent 2023

December 2, 2022

Despite high inflation and sharply rising costs, AF Bostäder's tenants receive a rent increase that will remain at around 2 % from January 1, 2023. The new rent has been made possible through temporary re-prioritization in the ongoing operations. At the same time, AF Bostäder flags that the large cost increases may affect future rents.

"AF Bostäder and the Tenants' Association have reached an agreement regarding the students' rents for 2023", says Henrik Krantz, CEO at AF Bostäder. "As always, it is our ambition that the students should have as even a rental development as possible. Despite the current situation, where we suffer from costs that are no longer in relation to our income, we have ensured that our tenants next year will receive a rental notice in line with previous years".

In order to avoid a major rent increase, AF Bostäder is re-prioritizing the business and lowering the ambition level for 2023. Examples of measures are a review of the costs for the maintenance of common areas and the outdoor environment, as well as a temporary reduction in maintenance.

"We expect serious financial challenges and therefore the future rental trend may look different", says Henrik Krantz. "Our overall objectives are unchanged. We will continue to offer Sweden's best student housing, carry out renovations of our older properties and complete our important investments in new student housing in Lund".

Examples of monthly rents before and after rent increases

Corridor room (9 months rent) Before the increase (SEK) After the increase (SEK) Difference (SEK)
Delphi, 20 kvm 3.688 3.761 74
Sparta, 19 kvm 4.248 4.333 85
Parentesen, 17 kvm 2.816 2.872 56
Apartments (12 months rent)      
Ulrikedal, 1 rok, 25 kvm 4.266 4.351 85
Sagoeken, 1 rok, 22 kvm 4.573 4.665 91
Studentlyckan, 2 rok, 52 kvm 6.611 6.744 132
Kämnärsrätten, 3 rok, 65 kvm 6.985 7.124 140