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You have the power. Use it wisely!

December 8, 2022

We have received important information from our energy company Kraftringen: On December 9–18, the Oskarshamn 3 nuclear power plant will be closed for repairs, while the weather is getting colder. Sweden faces a major risk of a high load on the electricity grid. The situation is strained.

Important - we need your help!

Now it is especially important that we all save electricity. You don't need to turn off your Christmas lights (if they have LED lights), but replace older light bulbs with LEDs, turn off the light when you leave the room, turn off TV, computer, etc. that are not in use, boil water in a kettle or under a lid, and wash full machines, preferably using eco programs. Also, avoid electric radiators. You will find more energy-saving tips on AF Bostäder's website.

What do you do if the power goes out?

In the event of an overload, the power companies may be forced to temporarily close parts of the electricity grid. Then it's good to be prepared. You can find good advice at the Swedish Agency for Community Safety and Preparedness (


You have already done wonders during the autumn energy-saving campaign! Everyone who lives with us has collectively saved 5.3% electricity and 4.1% water during October and November (compared to the previous year). Therefore, we are sure that we will manage this in the best possible way together.

Thanks for your help!