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Gingerbread house 2022

December 19, 2022

This year's gingerbread challenge is over. Congratulations to corridor Parentesen B3 and their winning entry "B3 Storkyrka"!

The students in the corridors have baked a lot in the last week, all to win the competition - this year's gingerbread house! Thank you for all the contributions and congratulations to the winners!

🥇 FIRST PRICE goes to the contribution "B3 Storkyrka" made by corridor Parentesen 30 B 1201–1210! See their incredible creation and some of the participants in the photos above.

🥈 SECOND PRICE goes to the contribution "Mushroom house" made by corridor Delphi 55 B 1101–1110. "We have built mushroom houses and some small ornaments around! Getting organic and round shapes in gingerbread dough was a fun challenge, and we're super excited about our new corridor kitchen decoration (even though we might eat it soon).” See the picture below.

🥉 THIRD PRICE goes to the contribution "Tomegapsgården 13" made by corridor Tomegapsgatan 13 1001-1005. "Even gingerbread people want to live in Lund's best corridor, and they can now do that! Merry Christmas!" See the picture below.