The foundation’s mission is to own and manage buildings intended as inexpensive and suitable housing for active students at Lund University who are members of Akademiska Föreningen (the Academic Society).

Strategic objectives

For the students’ best interests

  • We shall offer a welcoming, secure and pleasant housing environment for students at Lund University, based on good quality and service.
  • We focus on members of Studentlund and together with the AF Family we shall strive to increase the drawing power of Lund as a student city.

Sustainable housing

  • We shall reduce our negative impact and increase our positive impact on the environment and climate.
  • We shall maintain, manage and develop our property portfolio, focusing on optimisation and a long-term approach.
  • We shall promote efficient resource utilisation, reuse and increased recycling.

Responsible, long-term actor

  • Our sustainability management shall be followed up annually in a Sustainability Report, in accordance with GRI.
  • Our expansion shall take place under our own management and be characterised by sustainability, creativity and innovation.
  • We shall take long-term societal responsibility for Lund as a student city.
  • We shall run our operations on the basis of a long-term perspective and business ethics.

Value-creating workplace

  • We shall be a value-creating workplace, which, though proactive efforts, shall take long-term responsibility for staff members’ work environment, comfort and security.

As a complement to the strategic objectives, AF Bostäder has sustainable operational targets>>

Latest update February 12, 2020