Sustainability goals

As a housing company, we influence our surroundings in a variety of ways. We are working to limit our negative impact and to increase our positive footprints. The sustainability goals help us to work systematically and goal-oriented. Our sustainability goals, adopted in January 2018, are followed up in AF Bostäder's annual sustainability report.

For the students' best

  • We are to improve our score to 81 out of 100 in the customer survey Nöjd Studbo (SKI) by 2020.

Value-creating workplace

  • We are to improve our score to 80 out of 100 in the employee survey (NMI) by 2022.

Sustainable housing

  • We are to increase the amount of sorted waste to 50 % of the total waste by 2022.
  • We are to reduce energy consumption by 15 % in our older property portfolio by 2019.
  • In newly built housing, the energy consumption is not to exceed 64 kWh/kvm. 
  • We are to be 100% fossil fuel-free by 2020.

Long-term and responsible actor

  • We are to formulate new sustainability requirements for suppliers by 2020.
  • There is to be no form of corruption.

Latest update February 27, 2019